First donation to PIAC

Last month while at Bondi markets, a lovely lady named Olivia came by my stall. she said she'd been following me online for some time and that she loved my work. At this stage, I was just building my website which was almost complete, and was exploring ways that would allow me to take more direct action to advocate and donate to animal, environmental and humanitarian charities. 

coincidentally - Olivia had just started working at Public Interest Advocasy Centre, (a not for profit humanitarian organisation) and told me about a fundraising dinner that was being held within the next few weeks.

she explained that there was a live auction taking place online and at the dinner, raising funds through donated items, activities and vouchers, for PIAC. I knew that I wanted to be a part.. so we decided on which artwork I was going to donate - we agreed on the Weedy Sea Dragon A3 print, framed, (RRP unframed $50 / framed $100). I dropped the artwork off the next day and it went straight up for auction, bidding starting at $80.


to my surprise, the artwork sold for $500! 

Thank you to the men and women who were bidding, and to the lovely lady who bought the print while at the same time donating to PIAC.

Such a great feeling, knowing that by giving something small, I am able to be a part of giving something large. also an amazing feeling knowing that there are people willing to give so much.

we are all at different stages and places in life- and of course, we can not all 'give' so much... but lesson learnt, that by giving something small, you could be contributing to something pretty big. 

All up, the auction raised $100,000 for social justice work!


you can donate to charities by buying one of my limited edition prints:

for every print sold I'll donae 20% to charities listed here:


have a BEAUTIFUL day