Paula Formosa Art

I am a self-taught Australian artist, specialising in Watercolour Paintings and Drawings of Flora & Fauna from around the world. My art is simple and modern, yet highly detailed and often realistic - giving it a more traditional feel. I love to be flexible when it comes to materials and subject matter; I most often work with watercolour, but also love to use acrylic paint and chalk pastel, as well as do graphic design, fabric art prints, logos and branding.

Whale Love - 2017
Watercolour on paper
Limited Print

My inspiration most commonly comes from the natural world around us; the symmetry, science, colours, energies and the perfect imperfections of nature. I want to capture personality & character in the animals I paint, and the symmetry & uniqueness of flora.

my portfolio

Through art, I want to inspire others to pursue their dreams, to live a life that you LOVE and to understand the importance of having a creative outlet (career or hobby) - whether that's sport, photography, singing, dance, cooking, poetry, music, exercise... etc.

I also want to spread awareness of the ways in which we can make our world a better place, and show that small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

Consciousness, environmental awareness and compassion are important practices in my art-making and everyday life. I try to be environmentally friendly by altering many aspects of my lifestyle and business, and by creating ethical, sustainable art.

Since starting markets in December 2015 at age 20, I have illustrated children's books, painted 100 + commissions, launched my business, and most importantly I have set up a life which allows me to create and share my art.

My business has been a journey of trial and error, hard work and determination, and I thank every one of my friends, family members, customers and strangers who have supported me along the way. Thank you for your encouragement, belief in me, for purchasing prints, advice, commissioning artworks and even for your criticism.. I wouldn't be where I am today without you all.

10% of profits from all Limited Prints sold will be donated to Environmental, Humanitarian and Animal Conservation charities.