Paula, Sepp and Koa at Salamanca market

Paula, Sepp and Koa at Salamanca market

& Sepp

We live together with our son Koa in the beautiful Southern Tasmania.. Creating the life we have dreamt of! We spent a year living and travelling in our van, while doing markets, and while on our journey South to Tas for our 5 week holiday here, we decided to pack the van with our posessions and cancel the return ticket! We live surrounded by nature 'off grid' with our little veggie garden, rainwater and solar power, and are part of a strong & close community in the nearby town.

Our first baby, Koa, who was born in September 2018, joins us at the markets each week… We have a stall at Salamanca market on Saturday's 8.30 - 3pm.

We strive to live a life doing what we love… through creating, building, making art and whatever else comes our way!

Sepp Designs

Soon after Paula and I met, we started to create art together. Working with natural materials, such as bamboo & wood, and making art have always been passions of mine. I was inspired to start creating more, experimenting and trying new techniques. When we began to share ideas and combined different timbers & paintings, we loved the unique artworks we created. This is how Wood Art was born!

Paula Formosa Art

I started making and selling my art when I returned home from 2 years traveling overseas. I was passionate about knowing that I had the opportunity to do anything I could dream of - so, why not try selling some of my art? I thought. After a lot of painting, dedicated & enjoyable work, trial & error, three years on, I am still doing what I love; and it’s even better to be sharing this passion with Sepp.

We strive to live a small-footprint lifestyle; to minimise waste, re-use & re-purpose what we can and avoid using materials that are toxic to the environment. All of these values are put into our artworks.