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I will be away during June, so there is going to be a postage delay until 1 July!
Sepp and I will be travelling the East Coast; visiting family, enjoying the winter sunshine and having our last holiday for a while, 'just us' while bub is still in my belly!
I am still taking commissions - email me with any questions and I'll be in touch shortly! :)

Please feel free to place your order, and your art will be posted as soon as I am home.
Many thanks & gratitude,
Paula x

Fine Art Prints

All of my art prints are Inkjet, Museum Quality on 100% cotton paper. Created to last for life.

Fairy Wren Eco Art Watercolour Paintings print sculpture paula formosa

Wood Art

A collaboration of creativity between Sebastian and I. We create art from recycled wood; hand-made eco art that is truly unique.

Limited Edition Prints

I donate 10% of profits from Limited Prints to animal, environmental and conservation charities.

I post world-wide

(Free postage within Australia)

Over the past few years, through sharing and creating art, I have met thousands of people at markets from all over the world. No matter where in the world you live, I want you to be able to have a piece of my art in your home. Whether we met at a market, you discovered my art by word of mouth, or you came across my website online.. I'm happy you're here!

rainbow atlas world map painting watercolour commission australia

About me

Art has always been a huge part of my life.
It's my livelihood, passion, career and my way to express.

I am self-taught, living with my beautiful partner Sebastian in Southern Tasmania.. Creating and living the life of our dreams. We spent the past 6 months living in the van, and recently moved from the big city of Sydney, where I kick-started my career as an artist in December 2015. We are now surrounded by trees, birds, renewable energy and a close community.. and LOVE it!

The powers of art have shaped, healed and allowed me to thrive in so many ways. I guess you could say I'm addicted to the joy that creating brings.

The symmetry, imperfections, pattern and energies of the natural world give me a drive to want to create. Inspired by the world around me, my art can vary day-to-day... I go from painting to sculpture, oil to acrylic, watercolour to building... ANY way to create, is a good way. I am not bound by a particular style, expectation or trend... (Although, sometimes, I can go months or years focusing mostly on one medium!)

For the past few years, I've been drawn to watercolour; flora and fauna. I'm fascinated with detail, yet fairly impatient... but sometimes time seems to stop when I start to paint. I want to capture character and personality in my art.

commissions and original art


Gang Gang Cockatoos. Watercolour painting in progress. 2018. By Paula Formosa


Would you like an original artwork of your own?
From drawings to paintings to graphic art..
I have been a very busy bee and painted
over 100 commissions so far!

I would love to create an artwork for you.

  Jungle  / 2016 Acrylic on Canvas 80cm x 140cm

Jungle / 2016
Acrylic on Canvas
80cm x 140cm

Any colour, any size... I can create it!
Contact me if you would like your own
Custom World Map Painting

Click below to read a blog post I wrote about how I started my career as an artist


I am passionate about animals and the environment. Through art I am able to donate to environmental charities and raise awareness about our strong, beautiful and vulnerable planet and the life which makes it so special. I strive to live a minimal waste and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Over the past few years since painting more frequently, I have discovered so much joy, love and happiness... The practice of gratitude, having a positive outlook on each situation, as well as living without fear, has allowed me to thrive - and I've since been faced with many opportunities to do with my art career and lifestyle. Playing a part in positive change fulfills me, and gives my career as an artist a greater purpose.



Creating and sharing Art is what I love to do.

All artworks on my website have been made between 2015 and now, (with lots of love and good intention!)
I create art that is affordable and of the highest quality; so that a broad range of people can enjoy what my creating has to offer, and so that you are able to hold the memories my art brings to you, for life.



Old art, new art, commissions, experiments.. See below for a range of my artworks.