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Fairy Wren Eco Art Watercolour Paintings print sculpture paula formosa

Wood Art

A collaboration of creativity. We combine art and wood; hand-made timber artworks that are truly unique.

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A range of my art as Limited Prints; hand signed and numbered.


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commissions and original art

Would you like an original artwork of your own?
From drawings to paintings to graphic art..

I would love to create an artwork for you.

For Wood Art, or a custom artwork by Sebastian; contact him by clicking here

 Working on 'Lorakeets' at The Rock Market in 2017   see finished artwork as print

Working on 'Lorakeets' at The Rock Market in 2017
see finished artwork as print

Gang Gang Cockatoos. Watercolour painting in progress. 2018. By Paula Formosa

about Paula & Sepp

We live together in the beautiful Southern Tasmania.. Creating the life we have dreamt of! We spent 6 months living and travelling in our van, while doing markets, and spontaneously decided to move here instead of coming only for our planned 5 week holiday. We live surrounded by nature, are 'off grid' with our (baby) veggie garden, rainwater and solar power, and are part of a strong & close community in the nearby town.

Paula and Sepp artists from tasmania

Our first baby is due in September, and we strive to continue to create art together, making a living doing what we love. We have a stall at Salamanca market on Saturday's, paint commissions, sell art online & take any opportunity that feels right to keep this going. The challenges, unpredictability and waves are all a part of this lifestyle & career, and it is all worth it; especially when we remember that we can work together, be there for our baby and live a life doing what we love.

Paula; I started making and selling my art at the end of 2015 when I returned home from 2 years travelling, with the feeling of having the opportunity to do anything I dreamt of. I thought, 'why not try selling some of my art?'. I am happy to say that after a LOT of painting, hard (but enjoyable) work and trial & error, three years on, I am still doing what I love.. and it feels even better to be sharing this passion with my love, Sebastian.

Sepp; Soon after Paula and I met, we started to create art together. Working with natural materials, such as bamboo & wood, and making art have always been passions of mine, and I was inspired to start painting again. When we began to share ideas and combined timber & art, we loved the unique artworks we created. So, Wood Art became a part of Paula's market stall.
We strive to live a small-footprint lifestyle; to minimise waste, re-use & re-purpose what we can and avoid using materials that are toxic to the environment. All of these values are put into our artworks.

  Jungle  / 2016 Acrylic on Canvas 80cm x 140cm

Jungle / 2016
Acrylic on Canvas
80cm x 140cm

Any colour, any size... I can create it!
Contact me if you would like your own
Custom World Map Painting


Click below to read a blog post I wrote about how I started my career as an artist


I am passionate about animals and the environment. Through art I am able to donate to environmental charities and raise awareness about our strong, beautiful and vulnerable planet and the life which makes it so special. I strive to live a minimal waste and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Over the past few years since painting more frequently, I have discovered so much joy, love and happiness... The practice of gratitude, having a positive outlook on each situation, as well as living without fear, has allowed me to thrive - and I've since been faced with many opportunities to do with my art career and lifestyle. Playing a part in positive change fulfills me, and gives my career as an artist a greater purpose.



Creating and sharing Art is what we love to do.

Paula creates art that is inspired by life, nature and her love for animals.
I try to capture their personality, character and give the viewer a sense of connection to the artwork through expression & colour.



Old art, new art, commissions, experiments.. See below for a range of Paula's artworks.